July 17, 2002

Clogs on WFMU Compilation

Clogs appear on Don't Shoot the Toy Piano Player, a new 2-CD anthology of recordings made in the studios of the legendarily cool radio station, WFMU. Broadcasting from Jersey City, it's probably the most offbeat and interesting radio available to those in the New York metro area. The compilation was produced as a thank you gift for people who pledged money during the station's March 2002 fundraiser. "Elevenses" by Clogs appears alongside tracks by such fine outfits as Clinic, Peaches, the New Pornographers, Howe Gelb, Lightning Bolt, and Dead Moon. You can still stream Clogs' [LINK TO COME] full set [RealAudio]. It was recorded during Irene Trudel's show on 10/15/01. (It's featured in the last 45 minutes of the broadcast.)

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