March 1, 2004

Clogs On Break With Other Projects, Tour August 2004

Clogs are planning two or three months of US and European touring, to start in August 2004. This will be in support of their third record, Stick Music, which be released this summer. In the interim, they are pursuing other pursuits. Bryce Dessner has been doing guitar duties with The National. Thom Kozumplik recently embarked on a mid-western tour with his percussion ensemble, Loop 2.4.3. Rachael Elliott is holding down the fort in Brooklyn, and recently performed in a master class for Pascal Gallois at Columbia University's Miller Theatre. She continues to put the "ooooh!" in "bassoon." Padma Newsome is spending the next few months in the southeastern coastal town of Mallacoota, Australia, where he is busy composing, fishing, and contemplating summer sunsets. Those of us at Brassland HQ are quite jealous. We're considering the purchase of a watercolor set for him, so he might share the view.

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