April 29, 2002

Clogs German Tour and New Album

Clogs have recorded 13 new songs at Brooklyn's Context Studios with producer/engineer Fionn O'Lachlain for an album of a yet undecided configuration.

Tracks include "A Gentler We," sung by composer/violist Padma Newsome, a solo guitar piece, and the first appearance of the electric guitar in the group (giving way to several moments described by O'Lachlan as sounding like Sonic Youth with a bassoon). There are also some beautiful noises from percussionist Thom Kozumplik made on hanging flower pots, metal pipes, concert bass drum, and a badly tuned kalimba.

Clogs are also playing a handful of German dates in early May. For no reason in particular we'd like to tell you that the May 8th date in Rostock was orginally scheduled for May 9th. It had to be moved because it seems that in Germany, May 9th is "Father's Day," during which men celebrate that they are men. Many begin drinking at dawn and party all day, either passing out under various tables by noon, or walking around in a stuper throughout the afternoon. Obviously not a great day for badly tuned kalimbas.

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