February 22, 2009

Clogs and Nico Playing BAM This Week

If you check this site regularly, you already know both Clogs and Nico Muhly have events at the Brooklyn Academy of Music this week. Not to brag, but given The National's two-night residency at the venue in 2008, it starting to feel like BAM is Brassland's friendly neighborhood club -- albeit one that seats 2000 people and was home to legendary early works by artists like Philip Glass and Robert Wilson.

Clogs' performance, part of an event titled Shuffle Mode, takes place this Thursday (February 26). The band will play alongside the Brooklyn Philharmonic and Bell Orchestre in a "musical dialogue that defies the expectations for classical concert programming." Basically the two bands will compete in a battle of the bands against the orchestra then jam together with them at the end of the set.

Two days later (Saturday, February 28), Nico's orchestral arrangements of Grizzly Bear's songs will be played by the Brooklyn Philharmonic as the BP duke it out with GB onstage. This one is a sold-out. Sorry people, we told you so.

Now for the hot news: Bryce and Aaron Dessner are also set to debut a major new work at BAM later this year. The details are still being worked out (i.e. we won't tell you yet) but we'll be sure to post them once they're solidified.

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