November 1, 2011

Celebrate our anniversary with "Song-a-Day" Giveaway!

We're having an internet party all month with a Song-a-Day Giveaway on this site and on our Facebook page.

Check out the announcement on Pitchfork & learn how to acquire songs like this early, unreleased demo by The National. It's a song that's never otherwise been recorded or commercially released.

We're not certain of the exact date Brassland was born (that's how it goes with origin myths), but we know it was sometime in the fall of 2001 that Alec Hanley Bemis and the twins Bryce & Aaron Dessner put out the first pair of records by The National & Clogs. Instead of popping open some champagne corks in private (well, we might do that too), we've decided to celebrate this anniversary with all of you!

To thank you folks for supporting us over the past ten years, a FREE song from each of our artists will be available for download on a daily basis, Monday thru Friday, all month long. And not just music from our albums, but also rare demos, live songs, unreleased tracks and (at the end of the month) a preview of some future signings. In many cases these songs are *not* available anywhere else so this will be your only chance to hear them.

All you need to do is visit the giveaway website or "Like" our Facebook page. The songs may also appear at some other spots on the internet.

If you'd like to merchandize your celebration, consider picking up one of our brand new Brassland tote bags, the first item in an expanding line of label swag.

Finally, while reveling in our musical history, check out this Guardian article on the background of the label, or Alec's short attention span internet essay about the occasion. Finally, we'll leave you with this video, a celebration of 10 years of creative destruction:

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