February 16, 2009

Bryce Dessner Composes "The Lincoln Shuffle" for 21st Century Abe

Today, of course, is President's Day. And since Abraham Lincoln was once a President, it's rather fitting that this piece of Brassland news be shared with you on Monday, January 16th. So, here goes: Bryce Dessner has composed a new series of short pieces, collectively titled "The Lincoln Shuffle," to celebrate Honest Abe and the music of his era.

Now streaming at 21st Century Abe, the suite includes pieces titled Rose of Lincoln, Lincoln's Dixie, Uncle Bob Ledbetter, Uncle Bob's Union Guitars, and Lincoln's Triumph (A Funeral March). Included on each page, below the picture, is a quote from Bryce that reveals his inspiration, thoughts, or general ideas regarding each piece. Featured players in the series include Bryce and his brother, Aaron, as well as Benjamin Lanz and Kyle Resnick, who play horns live for The National.

As you enjoy your Lincoln-inspired music, remember that Bryce's band Clogs will be performing at the Brooklyn Academy of Music with the Brooklyn Philharmonic and Bell Orchestre on February 26th. To celebrate the occasion, we're selling the band's entire catalog (four albums) for only $45 at the Brassland Store. Titled the "Clogs Collection" (very classy), it makes the perfect President's Day gift.

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