March 18, 2003

Brassland Mega-Update

Clogs have been making final preparations for their second European tour. This one will take them to the Netherlands, France, the United Kingdom, and possibly Germany and Switzerland. Their new album, Lullaby for Sue, will be released in Europe in mid-May to coincide with the tour.

Starting this weekend, The National are playing a bunch of midwestern shows opening for Dan Bern + the IJBC as well as some headlining gigs in Chicago, Detroit, and West Virginia. Their new record, Sad Songs for Dirty Lovers, will be released in mainland Europe (but not the US or UK) in May.

Baby Dayliner continues to gig regularly in clubs around New York, re-shaping jaded young minds. We're anticipating a late June release date for the European edition of High Heart and Low Estate, and he tells us he is applying for a passport to do some tour dates overseas. Erik Friedlaner continues to play occasional gigs in New York and around the world. We'll have web pages for both artists up soon, but for now visit and for more details on those two.

What is that you're saying? Why do we keep talking about Europe and never what our plans are for the United States? Well, of late, the commanders-in-chief at Brassland HQ have been having, uh, high level diplomatic negotiations with various representatives from US-based distribution and booking concerns. We're hoping to have various bits of exciting news on that front soon. Give us a couple more weeks, okay?

(As for that Alfred E. Neuman-esque dude that keeps interrupting all of our favorite prime time shows, we've been trying to pretend he is just the star of another reality tv program, akin to American Idol or Joe Millionaire. Frankly, it's not working. Please, everybody, let's see that this program gets cancelled as soon as possible...)

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