August 19, 2008

An 802 Tour Update - Online Attention and Venue Changes

As Sam Amidon, Doveman, and Nico Muhly finish up on the West Coast and prepare to invade the East, they've garnered some attention on the information superhighway. Fuck Bad Music wrote some kind words, stating that the Portland show went "above and beyond my expectations...the feeling you're left with after a show this intimate is simply that you want more." Heavy kudos! In addition, Portland newspaper The Oregonian published a positive review of the August 15th show on their website.

In other (very important) news, the venue for the Washington DC show on August 21st has changed. The show will now take place at the Episcopal Church of The Ascension in Silver Spring, Maryland. This hopefully will be the last of the 802 cancellations/venue shifts, but you never know; shit happens. As always, you can check back here for the latest information. To view the rest of The 802 Tour's schedule, click here.

Unfortunately, it's been hard getting regular updates from the road because of all the traveling done by Sam, Thomas, and Nico. Luckily, Nico managed to write some words and post some pictures from Seattle. We also found out from Sam on Speak, Peppery that he's been watching some Orson Welles on YouTube. You can watch Part 1 below; follow the link for Parts 2 and 3.

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