June 1, 2009

A National Update Per Scott G.'s Request

Not long ago, Brassland's #1 employee received an e-mail from Scott G., who had this to say:

Dear Glenn,

I am 15 yrs old and a HUGE fan of the National. I know their music is not really intended for my age group, but that's just because young people's music tastes suck these days. I just had two questions:

1. Any news when their new album will be out? I went to the concert last night, and they played a couple of new songs (Baby, Vanderlylle, Blood Buzz, and one other). When will this album come out?

2. How come they do primarily morose songs? Is it because of real-life experiences? Difficult relationships? Or are they just easier/more fun to write?


For those (unlike Scott) who are out of the loop, The National have playing new songs at various stops along their current tour. To watch a performance of "The Runaway" from their session at Canadian radio's Studio Q, hit play below:

And another video, taped in Toronto (check out Bryce's bow technique, á la Eddie Phillips):

Regarding their upcoming album's release date, we unfortunately can't provide one, largely because none exists. We can disclose, however, that the band will finish recording over the summer, when they get off the road and have time to spend in the studio. So, in the meantime, simply let your anticipation build...

And as for Question #2: while one can never definitively outline the ever-fickle creative process, we attribute the band's melancholic tone mostly to the relationships. If the picture in the upper-left corner is any indication, these guys don't have fun. They mean business.

Thanks for writing in, Scott, and keep listening to The Good Stuff.

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