August 14, 2008

802 Tour Kicks Off Tonight, Vancouver Show Cancelled

The 802 Tour with Sam Amidon, Doveman, and Nico Muhly kicks off tonight in Seattle. To celebrate, we created a Facebook page for all our "friends." So come socially network with us. Maybe even write on our "wall."

In additional news, a friend of ours not on Facebook named Oren Bloedow from Elysian Fields will join Sam, Thomas, Nico, and Nadia onstage, rotating between drums, keyboards, and guitar throughout the show.

If we learned anything from Bryan Devendorf's "Reports From The Road," it's that the touring life can be difficult - so much so that problems often appear before the tour begins. With that in mind, we regret to inform anxious Vancouverites that the August 16th show has been canceled. To gain a more nuanced understanding of the 802 touring lifestyle, we suggest visiting this Newsweek post taken from an excerpt on Nico's blog. (The full blog entry - titled "Nudity and Wifi" - is available here.) To view The (Revised) 802 Tour schedule, please click here.

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