Buke and Gase ~ Riposte


Released on September 13, 2010
CD, LP, Digital

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  1. Medulla Oblongata
  2. Medicina
  3. Your Face Left Before You
  4. Naked Cities
  5. Sleep Gets Your Ghost
  6. Revel In Contempt
  7. Red Hood Came Home
  8. Horse Head Nebula
  9. Immoral But Just Fine, Okay
  10. Neurosis + Her Sisters
  11. Bundletuck
  12. Page Break
  13. Outt!
  14. "Heart"



Rispote is the debut album of the instrument-building, genre defying duo of Buke and Gass, whose music is loud yet folky, polyrhythmic yet melodic.

Brandon Stosuy of Stereogum writes, "They both handle all sorts of foot percussion. The sounds are then filtered and processed, etc. It's compelling watching them kick and strum...but it was Arone Dyer's waling, uplifting, melodic voice that left the biggest impression on me. You hear Beth Ditto for a second (one who races/fixes bikes and builds her own instruments, doesn't hang out at fashion shows), Kathleen Hannah in those Bikini Kill days, Throwing Muses, something else, etc., an overall joy."