Hannah Georgas ~ "Pray It Away" featuring Matt Berninger

"Pray It Away" featuring Matt Berninger

Released on November 17, 2020

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Featured Collaborators

Matt Berninger

Matt Berninger

Matt Berninger


"This song is one of my favorites from Hannah's new record, so I begged Hannah to let me sing it with her. Turns out sometimes prayers are answered." — Matt Berninger from The National

The collaboration was born from the friendship Hannah Georgas and Matt Berninger developed when Georgas joined The National's touring band when they were on the road in support of their album I Am Easy To Find last year, though it did not come together until this summer. On the track, which concerns living with the prejudice within families, Berninger's brooding baritone provides a perfect compliment to the Georgas calm tones that unwind over producer Aaron Dessner's softly glowing synthesizers. Georgas explains:

In a lot of ways, All That Emotion is a personal record, but Pray It Away ended up being very collaborative. I co-wrote the song with my producer Aaron Dessner, who sent me an instrumental during the time I was writing and demoing.

A close friend of mine inspired the lyrics. She told me over dinner one night that a family member didn’t want to attend her wedding because she was marrying a woman. I wrote the song the next day using the chord progression from Aaron’s demo. It was upsetting to see my friend go through what she was dealing with at a time where she should have been celebrating.

While Aaron and I were recording this song together, he mentioned it could be really great to ask Matt Berninger to sing on it. Ironically, it wasn’t until the pandemic hit when we were actually able to follow through with this idea, together. It’s so lovely it all worked out and we were able to make it happen in the end.

Upon release this new single Hannah was interviewed by the NME and lauded in a wide range of media: Rolling Stone, Consequence of Sound, Uproxx, DIY , etc. — adding to the chorus of strong press that greeted Hannah's album release earlier in the year:

"Magisterial pop for introverts" — 
The Guardian

"The introspective Canadian singer-songwriter’s stately fourth album evokes an atmosphere of quiet loveliness." — Pitchfork

“A beautiful new album full of bright and shimmering guitar lines and sweet soothing harmonies.” — NPR Music

"All That Emotion boasts sweeping orchestration and cozy melodies." — The New York Times

"'That Emotion' is a meditation that subtly hints at that feeling of emotions starting to pile up and surface...Georgas’ voice is certainly the highlight, a calming force even as she considers a more disoriented headspace"
 — Stereogum

"[Aaron Dessner’s] immersive production, including layered keyboards and twinkling harmonics, pairs perfectly with her elegant voice" — UNCUT

"A bold voice, her unremitting honesty makes Hannah Georgas a challenging but utterly absorbing figure."
 — Clash

"harmful behavior, repetitive arguments, suppressed secrets…precise melancholy" — MOJO

"Someone who has plenty of worth to impart." – The Observer

"Extraordinary" - The Sunday Times Culture