Johan Lenox ~ "PARACHUTE DANCE" (Guitar Remix) feat. Tim Henson

"PARACHUTE DANCE" (Guitar Remix) feat. Tim Henson

Released on September 13, 2023

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A guitar forward remix of "PARACHUTE DANCE" from Johan Lenox's debut album of composed instrumental music JOHAN'S CHILDHOOD CHAMBER NOSTALGIA ALBUM

Johan Lenox is a singer, composer, and producer, who marries lush orchestral tracks with lyrics about growing up in America during the end of the world. Brassland began working with him on 2022's isomonstrosity project. Tim Henson is the guitarist of prog/art metal band Polyphia. Over 1 million YouTube subscribers and almost that many Instagram followers look to Tim for their online-era guitar god fix.

The two musicians met during sessions for Polyphia's 2022 album Remember That You Will Die which featured extensive contributions from Johan — which led to him touring as an opening act for the group throughout Europe and the United Kingdom in May 2023.