Fusilier ~ "Make You" single

"Make You" single

Released on May 19, 2016

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  1. Make You
  2. Make You (single edit)


"Make You" is the second single from Fusilier's forthcoming EP. It is also his musical mission statement: "My vision is Nine Inch Nails meets James Brown," says Fusilier. "When I say that to friends to describe 'Make You' the mixture of wonder and excitement they show is the exact feeling I want to cultivate. I think one of the major duties of any artist is to expand the realm of the possible -- to stimulate the imagination of the masses."

"That kind of provocation proves difficult when there is an opposing force in our culture saying that you should live in awe of trinkets and approval. I actually think that people would love to stop living for candy crush and insti double taps in theory, but in practice no one's willing to step to the left and live there. Everyone thinks we should have 26 flavors of ice cream, but if you like anything other than vanilla, or even have friends who like rocky road you're persona non grata in most circles. 'Make You' is my attempt to break the stigma attached to deviance. It's my contribution to the elevation of imagination in society."