Doveman ~ "Lazarus" single

"Lazarus" single

Released on January 21, 2016

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  1. Lazarus [David Bowie cover]


"Like most of us, a whole lot of musicians are having a whole lot of feelings about David Bowie's passing right about now, but unlike most of us, they can channel those feelings into art." - Stereogum

Thomas Bartlett aka Doveman posted this around 4am the day David Bowie died. He says: "i kept trying, but I couldn't concentrate on work today. so instead I made a cover of 'lazarus.'" Harmony and moral support were provided by Thomas's frequent collaborator Glen Hansard.

Brassland label founder Alec Hanley Bemis gave Thomas the prod to make this recording by suggesting "Lazarus" would have sounded right at home on the Doveman album With My Left Hand I Raise the Dead.

We are posting this as a tribute and thanks to David Bowie for the way his music and presentation and art portrayed the fantasia of an accepting world —and helped bring the world a bit closer to being that way.