Baby Dayliner ~ Key Largo

Key Largo

Released on August 24, 2018

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  1. When I Look Into Your Eyes
  2. Key Largo
  3. Out Here Under The Falling Rain


About: Baby Dayliner’s Key Largo
by Aesop Rock aka Ian Bavitz

Few things excite me as a music fan like new Baby Dayliner songs. I've had the pleasure of knowing Ethan for close to two decades, and what he does holds a unique place in my heart. As NYers from the same pool of friends, we have seen each other's music evolve from goofy, four-track home recordings up through our current incarnations. I can't help but feel nostalgic and proud when listening to his newest batch of songs, which feel like the closest thing to final-form-Dayliner I've heard.

For years, I've tried and failed to describe Baby Dayliner’s sound to others. I usually end my attempts with, "you just need to hear it." From the tangible croon, to the romantic wordage, to the contagious groove, his music grabs your guts and ushers you off into some gigantic, secret party where everyone is simultaneously falling in love and breaking up. Each piece feels almost immune to deconstruction – everything is where it's meant to be.

Ethan's lyrics feel perfect and subtle. They incorporate many of the conversational idiosyncrasies that have endeared him to his friends for years. He has always spoken in a particular way, each word carefully chosen – humorous, philosophical, or something in between. There is a peculiarity to it. That's the kind of stuff that often doesn't quite translate into music – the personality and humanness of the author. Ethan is able to convey mood and loss and bravery and solitude succinctly and in a way familiar to those close to him.

Baby Dayliner’s production has been a slowly growing monster, and I'm always taken aback by how it matures between releases. The sound is at once introspective and danceable. Ethan marries beats and vocals in a way that makes you think they were never apart to begin with. The songs are catchy within seconds – they make me want to get in my car and drive forever.

Baby Dayliner is a treasure, peerless in today's musical landscape. But, honestly, you just need to hear it.

Aesop Rock is an American hip-hop artist & producer currently living in Portland, Oregon. He was at the forefront of the underground & alternative hip-hop scene that emerged in the early 00s — and is especially regarded for his complex and abstract lyrics.

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