LANZ ~ "I'll Keep Running" b/w "Danger Zone"

"I'll Keep Running" b/w "Danger Zone"

Released on May 2, 2023

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  1. I'll Keep Running
  2. Danger Zone (Kenny Loggins cover)


This single/video was initially released on November 4th, 2022 exclusively to the Bandcamp platform for #BandcampFriday and to the ITIHAW Facebook group. It was later posted to all streaming platforms.

The original song "I'll Keep Running" was inspired by and dedicated to the I Think I'm Hittin' A Wall (ITIHAW) group on Facebook — and the video features clips the group’s members sent in, in response to a call from their founders/moderators. Check them out on Facebook & Instagram.

The group uses indie music, specifically the music of The National, to inspire and give each member of the group mutual support to stay engaged with physical activities: running, swimming, kayaking, mountain climbing, brisk movement while doing errands, et cetera. Yay team!

The single also came out just as the LANZ x ITIHAW merch collaboration became available to the general public. Hats! Stickers! Hand-signed vintage postcards from Benjamin LANZ picked up while on tour with The National. And other stuff. Visit Bandcamp for details.