LANZ ~ Hoferlanz II

Hoferlanz II

Released on April 13, 2018
Digital, Cassette

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  1. Tell Me, Please
  2. Tomahawk Chop
  3. Auckland
  4. In Holland
  5. You Drive
  6. Interloc
  7. 125 BPM
  8. This Is The Time Where
  9. With The Rocket
  10. Fascist Jock Itch
  11. Lice In My Brain


Hoferlanz II is the second album from LANZ aka Benjamin Lanz. Mostly written while touring as a member of indie music all-stars The National, Beirut & Sufjan Stevens, his own music sounds completely different. Says Ben: “While I admire the force and freedom of artistic recluses, I’m an outward-looking guy by nature – so I just end up writing some really weird hooks!”

“Think Eno & The Who in a time warp,” he continues. “They get in the Tardis thinking they’d returning to their respective best years in London. But instead, they land at The Ritz in 1992 just in time to catch a Dinosaur Jr. & My Bloody Valentine double bill.” Acoustic guitars mingle with drum machines. Time signatures swerve back and forth. Searing electric guitar licks make their way across the frame. Horns underline cryptic pop lyrics sung in bursts of catchiness — earworms abutting earworms. Good luck getting these melodies unstuck from the jukebox in your brain!

Hoferlanz II is the second in a two part suite of albums launching the LANZ project. In the past Ben has explained the inspiration behind LANZ like so: “As a listener, I admire and enjoy the farthest reaches of experimental and progressive music. But for the last decade or so I’ve made a living playing with some of today’s most canonical indie artists. Yet when putting my own ideas to tape, I find myself writing eccentric alternative rock songs.”

Ben’s background has given him the skills to execute any crazy idea that pops into his head. His alternative rock fandom provides a grounding of stupidly infectious hooks. His contemporary music training, virtuosic chops. His indie rock day job, a knack for making emotional connections in unlikely ways.

What all of his experiences have in common is an unshakable belief in the flexibility of rock and roll.