Various Artists ~ Brassland Sampler 2011

Brassland Sampler 2011

Released on February 21, 2011


  1. Buke & Gass - "Your Face Before You Left"
  2. Clogs - "Cocodrillo" (feat Shara Worden)
  3. The National - "90-Mile Waterwall"
  4. Doveman - "Aftermath" (feat Norah Jones)
  5. Baby Dayliner - "The Way You Look Tonight"
  6. Pela - "Episodes"
  7. Clogs - "Kapsburger"
  8. Erik Friedlander - "May It Please Heaven"
  9. Baby Dayliner - "Raid!"
  10. The National - "Cold Girl Fever"
  11. Doveman - "Sunrise"
  12. Clogs - "Pencil Stick"
  13. The National - "About Today"
  14. Doveman - "Tigers"
  15. (hidden track)
  16. (hidden track)


A series of free audibles for your MP3casting enjoyments!

This sampler was originally released to iTunes Japan in February 2011 as part of the label's new distribution relationship with Hostess. We're big in Japan. It's true!

The sampler features a selection from each artist on the label's roster with the exception of Nico Muhly (because we only have North American rights to his MOTHERTONGUE album) and Devastations (who we licensed to Beggars Banquet). But (nudge, nudge, wink, wink) if you download the thing, you'll find there's some hidden bonus audio treats.