Various Artists ~ Brassland Sampler 2006

Brassland Sampler 2006

Released on March 13, 2006

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  1. BABY DAYLINER: At Least (from Critics Pass Away)
  2. THE NATIONAL: Patterns of Fairytales (from Sad Songs for Dirty Lovers)
  3. PELA: Episodes (Diphenhydramine) (from All in Time EP)
  4. DEVASTATIONS: Loene (from Devastations)
  5. ERIK FRIEDLANDER: Airstream Envy (unreleased)
  6. CLOGS: Medley (Kapsburger + 5/4) (from Lantern)
  7. THE NATIONAL: Cold Girl Fever (from The National)
  8. BABY DAYLINER: Raid! (from High Heart & Low Estate)
  9. ERIK FRIEDLANDER: Here Comes the Madwoman (from Maldoror)
  10. THE NATIONAL: Wasp Nest (from Cherry Tree EP)
  11. CLOGS: Ananda Lahari (from Stick Music)
  12. silence
  13. PELA: Lost to the Lonesome (unlisted mystery bonus track)
  14. silence
  15. CLOGS: I Used to Do (unlisted mystery bonus track)