Buke and Gase ~ Arone vs. Aron

Arone vs. Aron

Released on October 27, 2017

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Arone Dyer

Arone Dyer

Arone Dyer


  1. Seam Esteem
  2. Typo
  3. Dress


Arone vs Aron contains three songs you didn't know Buke & Gase made! Now you do! Released on the occasion of a SOLD OUT tour opening for The National across Europe, it is a brief sampling drawn from 5 years of woodshedding— a band reinvention that has, for the most part, taken place far from the eyes of an audience & the internet.

This is music they made on their way to making the music they’re now making. The release is a preparation for the flood of material Buke and Gase hope to release in 2018 — not just an album, albums plural.

How do you get good enough to play Carnegie Hall? As the saying goes: practice practice practice? This EP is a portrait of a band committing their 10,000 hours.

All three recordings have leaked out in the 1,825 days since they completed 2013’s General Dome: “Seam Esteem” was a free download on Bandcamp; “Typo” streamed on Soundcloud to commemorate their tour with Battles; and the PJ Harvey cover “Dress” was a contribution to Our First 100 Days, a charity compilation assembled by the Secretly Group to raise money for organizations threatened by the Donald Trump administration.

Background: Buke and Gase are a band defined by their innovative approach to music-making; on every subsequent release from 2009’s self-released +/-; to their viral phenomenon Riposte (2010); to their shape-shifting stop-gap EP Function Falls (2012); to their riff-filled, harder-edged General Dome (2013) they have built their instruments and their sound from the ground up. None of these songs will appear on Buke and Gase’s forthcoming album(s).