June 14, 2019

Did you ever think we'd release music by a Tony winner?

Earlier today we released "Woyaya" — a collaboration between Anaïs Mitchell and Kate Stables of This Is The Kit. We expected we'd see more Brassland releases from Kate even after she signed to Rough Trade. What's wild is that Anaïs's new Broadway musical Hadestown just won 8 Tony Awards. We definitely didn't see that coming. (Anaïs is incredible and we've been hearing about the evolution of Hadestown since she released it as an album over a decade ago but, wow, who could have predicted that an indie folk singer's dream project would go this far?!?)

You can hear the song at your preferred music service by utilizing this link:

Optimistic and rhythmically complex, "Woyaya" is cover of a song originally released by Ghanaian Afro-pop band Osibisa in 1971 on their Tony Visconti-produced album. (Visconti is probably best known as "the Bowie producer dude" though his discography is varied & impressive beyond that.) The song has a pretty amazing backstory of covers & interpretations which you can read about over here.

An EP with an additional instrumental and dub remix will be issued on July 12th. In the meantime, if you're like "Single, I never like to be single," here are some playlists we've crafted so you can make the upbeat vibes of this track stretch out for an entire hour. It features other versions of "Woyaya" alongside selections from the back catalogs of Kate, Anaïs, and the producer of their collaboration, Josh Kaufman:



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