October 26, 2010

Video fever: YouTube embeds now featured on album pages

If you thought the Brassland site was awesome before, you are in for a nice surprise. Things just got even awesomer.

Now, when browsing through your backcatalog favorites, you can enjoy some videos right on the album page that that video is associated with. Say what? Well, for example did you know a video existed for "Sugar Wife" from The National's sophomore LP, Sad Songs for Dirty Lovers? Hell, we barely remembered. But now the internet has come up, smacked us upside the head and reminded us.

Thank you internet.

What can we say? All that yadda yadda yadda text about these records goes down much better with some video & audio to check out. Clickity click any of the links below to get a feel for the new album page awesomeness:

- Baby Dayliner- Critics Pass Away
- Baby Dayliner- High Heart and Low Estate
- Buke & Gass - Riposte
- Clogs- Lantern
- Devastations- Coal
- Devastations- Devastations
- Doveman- The Conformist
- Doveman- With My Left Hand I Raise The Dead
- The National- Sad Songs for Dirty Lovers
- The National- The National

As an added bonus, check out this new video for The National's "Terrible Love" directed by Tom Berninger, brother of the band's singer Matt Berninger! Touring with the band over the past couple months, Tom has captured some fun times, some high times, and some low times with the band in their second video from their latest album "High Violet." It really does capture the feel of hanging out with these guys. So live it:

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