October 5, 2002

The National Update

Matt Berninger, lead singer of The National writes: "The new record is almost finished and will be done in a month or two, maybe. It's been described by early listeners as 'creepy, rocking and sexous (erotic and dangerous but in a fun way)' and 'the perfect record for dirty lovers.' It might be called Cardinal Song or Shaving The Neighbor but probably not."

Matt sounds non-committal, but we've been told basic tracking for the album is finished. Clogs' Padma Newsome contributed what are being called "mildly askew string arrangements." Nick Lloyd led recording sessions in seven different locations, ranging from the penthouse of the Soho's Puck Building to a rustic farmhouse in Connecticut to various studios in Williamsburg. Spiritual guidance was provided by RedHot A&R man Paul Heck, the guy responsible for last year's Shuggie Otis reissue and this year's Fela Kuti tribute Red Hot & Riot.

All that's left is mixing the damn thing. That will happen in mid-October. Handling the console will be Tarquin Studios' Peter Katis, the Connecticut producer responsible for Interpol's recent Matador debut, and various chores (mixing, engineer, etc.) on records by bands such as Clem Snide, Mercury Rev, the Get-Up Kids, and Oneida.

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