June 18, 2007

The National: Boxer, Selling Out the Bowery, and Opening for the Arcade Fire

Okay, RIAA certification seems unlikely at this point, but ya' never know...

It's seems very likely you've heard the deafening hype about, Boxer, the new album by Brassland's original flagship band, The National (aka The Franchise). A slot opening for The Arcade Fire! Five sold out shows in a row at New York's Bowery Ballroom! 10,000 copies of their new record sold in its first week! Justin Timberlake's announcement that Matt Berninger will do a guest rap on a remix of his new single! Okay, at least one of those statements is a lie. And, frankly, the hype has gotten so loud our ears and eyes feel slightly cloudy. Nonetheless, congratulations to the boys from Cincy, or Brooklyn, or wherever they're from. My guess is that there's a blogger out there who could help us figure out for sure...

Uh, yeah. So here's one of our favorite moments from The National's legendary run at Bowery Ballroom. Witness actual history:

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