March 7, 2008

The Boss and Ms. Bush Approve of the National

This past week, both Bruce Springsteen (awesome) and Jenna Bush (awesome?) voiced their appreciation for the National. The Boss, in an interview with USA Today, provided a list of his favorite songs and artists on his iPod. Following the Flying Burrito Brothers ("Sin City") and preceding the Pogues ("Dirty Old Town") came the National ("About Today"). What can we say? The man's got good taste...

And in an interview with MTV News's John Norris, First Daughter Jenna Bush voiced her high opinion of the National. Norris also approved, stating, "Yeah, I love them...yeah." MTV News - illuminating and insightful, as always. Anyway, we certainly agree with them and enjoy the exposure, but we're not sure why John keeps looking into the camera.

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