May 1, 2009

Sycamore Now Hosting Shows in Brooklyn, Including The Havels

Sycamore, a florist-shop-cum-bar located in Brooklyn's Ditmas Park, has begun hosting live shows. While this may seem like random news at first, we assure you that it isn't. In addition to being located in the borough where Brassland makes its general home and in the neighborhood where multiple Nationals make their specific homes, the new venue semi-frequently brings in the band's own Scott Devendorf to DJ (see left). Jessica, Sycamore's booker (who also happens to be Aaron and Bryce Dessner's sister), explained Sycamore's vibe to Brooklyn Vegan:

"We're starting slowly, to be sure everything is done right. The goal is about 3 to 4 shows a week, and in general, to feature one artist per evening [who can] do whatever they want - this could mean longer, relaxed sets, trying out new material, inviting 'special guests,' tap-dancing, juggling..."

We are especially excited about the juggling.

The venue's full line-up can be found here. The Havels, a big inspiration to Clogs, have traveled all the way here from the Czech Republic and will be performing at Sycamore on May 8th at 8:00 pm. Tickets are only $10, so come check out these members of the Brassland extended family. We also hope to have more good news about them and the label part of our operation in the next few weeks.

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