July 2, 2010

Reports from the Road (not) by Bryan Devendorf (Glastonbury, Part 4)

In our past three news posts, The National's designated rhythm specialist Bryan Devendorf has given us a taste of what life is like working in a "mid level band" (his words, not ours). It involves NPR, car services, trans-continental flights, and an awful lot of rumination.

Today, however, brings something new - namely, pictures. While Bryan chose to express himself through wry, stream of consciousness prose, guitarist Aaron Dessner and bassist Scott Devendorf took some snaps with their cameras. We thought we'd post some of our favorites - complete with pithy captions - for your viewing pleasure. For more shots, head over to our Flickr account.

Bryce and friends walk towards Aaron and camera. (Photo by Aaron Dessner)

Padma (far right) chills amongst other people. (Photo by Scott Devendorf)

We think this guy is selling cider, but aren't sure. Regardless, the blurriness effectively communicates the Glastonbury experience. (Photo by Scott Devendorf)

Aaron Dessner plays to the adoring masses.

If interested in getting band pictures of your own, find out where The National is playing next. And don't forget - more photos by and of the band are posted here. Check 'em out, if you want.

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