June 4, 2008

Reports From The Road by Bryan Devendorf (Post #6)

As The National's tour across North America picks up steam, the amount of free time for the band has dwindled. As such, the frequency of Bryan Devendorf's "Reports From The Road" has slightly declined. But have no fear. Persevering through such adversity, Bryan continues to churn out posts - complete with photographs - for your reading pleasure. Today, we hear Bryan's thoughts from sunny San Diego. Tomorrow, who knows where he'll be? If curious, you can check the shows page. Hopefully the band and Bryan haven't already passed you by.

DAY SIX (5/28): Two words. San Diego.

Tonight we have a show at a House of Blues. Sans Modest Mouse, sans REM. The dressing room is emblazoned with three different varieties of Jimi Hendrix "ow" faces. The Guccione décor, the safari-print throw pillows all scream Pia Zadora in The Lonely Lady. The drums are set up; the stage crew are running lines, miking drums, etc; I sprawl on the low-slung orgy furniture and pick at the vegetable tray, waiting for sound check to start. I am bored.

Back at the Sheraton Carlsbad this morning, I woke up early for a swim and a hot tub followed by another positive shower experience. Then I watched the NCAA lacrosse championship over a breakfast of chilaquiles and a Bloody Mary, chased with a glass of fresh-squeezed grapefruit juice. Syracuse and Virginia were locked in an unwinnable war; my face was covered with eggs and salsa and crema ácida.

The show is pretty good. Afterward, we have rooms at a Holiday Inn. Oh, I almost forgot. I found a stopgap for the missing sunglasses: "Fitovers" they're called. It's a pair of sunglasses which fits over your existing frames. I look like a misfit Terminator or a retiree searching the rough for his wayward tee shot. Ah. Tomorrow, back to the big stages. The Hollywood Bowl. Woo!


Ahh, the touring life. You know you've made it when you're playing chain venues with leopard print and Jimi posters. Take care.

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