August 15, 2008

Reports From The Road (802 Tour, Day One 8/14)

While well aware that touring musicians are busy people, we were hoping - following the popularity of Bryan Devendorf's "Reports From The Road" earlier this summer - that Sam, Thomas, and Nico would write up some reports of their own while they trek across North America on The 802 Tour. Well, no worries! Sam's been kind enough to keep us up to date on what's happening out west. So without further ado, here's "Reports From The Road - 802 Edition."

Day One (8/14, Seattle)

hello people! we (nico: lead vox, harmonica, and tambourine; thomas: lead guitar; nadia: synth; oren: hair & makeup; dan bora: choreographer; and me: bus driver and massage therapist) arrived last night in Seattle, the start of this here 802 Tour. tonight is our first show and i write to you from the backstage of the Triple Door. i can hear various plinkings and blinkings emanating up from the stage. highlights of the first moments of our little tour have been:
-the delicious enchiladas that our generous host Frank cooked for us
-the stupendous Pho restaurant where we had lunch today, who really mean "large" when you are ordering what size you want your pho to be
-the bookstore we went to, which had a section called "Attracting/Repelling Nature"
-and virgin america airlines - i've never flown them before, it's pretty neat. everything's basked in a purple glow and they have a good movie selection on the airplane. i watched "i'm not there," which is more like, "i'm not boring- not!" that shit was really boring. byebye!


There you have it - after only one day, the tour experience has brought on yummy enchiladas, big servings of pho, and artsy Dylan anti-biopics on Virgin American Airlines. Be sure to check back regularly for more news from The 802 Tour. And if you need a therapeutic massage from Sam, or care to listen to Nico's tambourine skills, click here to find out where you can see them in person.

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