September 28, 2016

A month of Sundays in Brooklyn this October

Brassland is 15 years old. We don't have a specific birth date because things were a bit hazy in the early days. But we are planning to celebrate — offline, online & in product form — thru summer 2017. We will revisit some long-dormant artists who we've worked with over the years. There will be occasional, special vinyl things. We're exploring a subscription offering for the hardcore fans among you. And, finally, we are finding new ways to foreground the increasingly ornate & renown family tree that has sprouted up around the label & our community of artists.

But first…

We are kicking off our year of mild partying & retrospective looks with a series of shows at Tiny Montgomery, the recently opened listening room located inside Three’s Brewing in Gowanus, Brooklyn. Most shows are free / pay-what-you-wish and focus on newer additions to the label's roster; friends & associates who, while not signed to the label, have contributed mightily to our recordings our or extended community; and a pair of rare, intimate sets by Buke and Gase which are sure to sell out. (Actually one of them already has.)

We're calling these shows Brassland Community Meetings. Why? Is it because we always wish we went to a Quaker friends school? Because Brooklyn sometimes feels like a small town to us? Because we rejected all our other ridiculous naming ideas? Answer: A little bit of all that...

Without further adieu, here is the line-up.

• 2nd: Fusilier with Ocean Music INFO & RSVP
• 9th: The Perennials with Hoferlanz INFO & RSVP
• 16th: Buke and Gase (2 sets) INFO & RSVP
-- 8pm show with Michael Azerrad SOLD OUT
-- 9:30pm show with Fusiler TIX
• 23rd: Brassland’s Extended Family Variety Show INFO & RSVP

Some notes & postscript: We will announce a partial line-up for the October 23rd show on the 'nets ahead of time. Most shows will occur between 8pm and 11pm. However, musicians & bar and club owners lead complicated lives. Call ahead if you want to be precise about things. Finally, why yes, this news story is much shorter and less ornate than our average dispatch from the bowels of the label machinery. We wanted to make sure to get something posted before the first gig. We reserve the right to expand this story as time, willpower & patience-testing permits.

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