July 12, 2012

Jherek Bischoff tours with Amanda Palmer, here & abroad

If it seems like Jherek Bischoff has been touring nonstop, it's because he has. And guess what? More tour dates are coming this fall!

Jherek will be joining Amanda Palmer as part of the Grand Theft Orchestra for a long list of U.S., Canadian, and European shows that will start in September and continue through November. And that's not all. If you happen to be a kick ass string player these dates could feature YOU. We'll let Amanda take it from here in this excerpt from her newsletter announcing the dates:

"Grand Theft bassist and arranger/composer JHEREK BISCHOFF will be giving us a dose of BEAUTIFUL string quartet music off his newly released album 'Composed'...using musicians we are planning to SOURCE FROM EVERY CITY! so...if you ARE, or KNOW know any fantastic HORN PLAYERS or STRING PLAYERS (especially if they come as a group/quartet/section) in ANY OF THESE CITIES -- watch this space! we'll be COMING FOR YOU...soon! WE NEED YOU TO PLAY THIS ALBUM PROPERLY! no horns, no strings, sad tour. we're going to steal all your local musicians with glee. this is the plan, anyway. GRAND THEFT ORCHESTRA IMPLEMENTATION."

If you've always want to play live with a Brassland artist, now is your chance! Check out our shows page for the complete list of dates.

PS: Here is a YouTube playlist adapted from Jherek's most excellent mixtape for Magnet Magazine!

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