February 21, 2012

Jherek Bischoff Opens Ecstatic Music Festival

We're super proud of Jherek Bischoff, one of the new additions to our Brassland family! Jherek ringled the opening event of the Ecstatic Music Festival held earlier this at Merkin Concert Hall in NYC. Humble as he is, Jherek only took up a small portion of the stage, giving over the rest to the Wordless Music Orchestra and a string of marquee guest vocalists who kind of made our heads spin. Featured on the microphone throughout the night were David Byrne, Craig Wedren (Shudder to Think), Zac Pennington (aka Parenthetical Girls), Carla Bozulich (many cool bands!), Charlie Looker, singer/songwriter Mirah Zeitlyn, Jherek's former Dead Science teammate Sam Mickens, and a duo of People Get Ready band members, Steven Reker and Jen Goma. Greg Saunier of Deerhoof clattered around on drums in lovely fashion throughout the night, as did several members of the Bischoff clan.

Deep breath & apologies for all you non-indie rock obsessives who are all like "Oh yeah I've heard of David Byrne. Didn't he do a track with Arcade Fire once?"

It was definitely a packed stage (as well as a packed audience) for this sold-out concert. Jherek's contribution to the show included singing as well as playing the ukelele, guitar and bass, and tearing up on command so overwhelmed was he by this concert of a lifetime.

If you missed the Ecstatic Music Festival opener, the folks over at Q2 Music have done you a huge favor: they broadcast the concert live online, then made the whole thing available to stream (yeah, you really should thank them or donate $20 in which case, they'll probably send you a tote bag). Check out Jherek's concert below, or on the WQXR website:

While you listen, check out some images of Jherek's concert (courtesy of Brooklyn Vegan and our favorite New York rockphotog -- that's one word! -- David Andrako).:

David Byrne:

We know these people! These are Steven Reker and Jen Goma from our latest signing, People Get Ready. You'll be hearing more about them soon:

The whole troupe:

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