January 1, 2021

Internet Updates Elsewhere

Does anyone check in on their favorite brand website for news updates anymore? Naaaah. In recognition of that fact we're officially retiring this part of the website. Instead, here are three things you can do if you want to keep up-to-date with Brassland content. (That's an icky word but it describes a full range of lovely music & video & people we've gathered so we'll live with it.)

EMAIL: Subscribe to our new email list, which we might actually use this time: visit Mailchimp

FOLLOW: Keep up with us at these sites. They are listed in priority of how often we update them.

SUPPORT: Most of all consider consuming our goods on these platforms. Yes, in particular purchasing stuff on Bandcamp really helps . But streaming / liking / subscribing / playlisting / sharing via other DSPs is also super excellent.

We promise to keep our archived + historical news stories in place until we forget how the Internet works. If we ever really knew? Because things like these 2008 and 2010 tour diaries from Bryan Devendorf are pretty excellent and worth revisiting.

And if you really dig you can find things like this 2013 video tour diary from This Is The Kit's support tour with The National.
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