May 7, 2010

Five dollar digital deals for The National & Nico. Now say that five times fast.

Next Tuesday, The National's fifth full-length album, High Violet, will be released in stores all over. (To stream the entire album, click over to NPR.)

In celebration of their fifth album & those of you with weird numerological fixations, we've priced digital downloads of the band's Brassland releases and for a single Lincoln ($5.00) throughout May. If there was ever a time to acquaint yourself with the band's back catalog, this would be it. Relevant links for relevant albums:

- The National's self-titled debut at Amie Street
- The National's second album, Sad Songs for Dirty Lovers at Amazon
- The National's final Brassland release, the Cherry Tree EP at Amie Street

Let it go without saying these releases are also available at a wide array of other (equally fine) digital & physical retailers.

While we're at it we're throwing in a similarly great deal for Nico Muhly's Brassland release. Get his label debut, Mothertongue over at Amazon for a fiver. (That's what the British call it.)

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