March 23, 2010

Doveman, Nico Muhly in New York Observer, Playing Big Ears Festival

Last week, Doveman and Nico Muhly performed a two-night stand at The Kitchen in Manhattan as Peter Pears, their duo project. In addition, Doveman played some of his own tunes. The program made the New York Observer's cultural highlights of the week.

In addition to the Observer, New York magazine wrote a nice profile on Doveman. For those that want to know the man behind the pretty face, this article provides a start. A sample:

Despite naming his most recent album The Conformist, in the pop world Bartlett is anything but, and he has clearly never been driven by conventional rebellion. He grew up in Vermont, where his interests included basketball, traditional Irish music, and Chopin (“I didn’t like singing, and I didn’t like drums”). On the day we were to talk, he was out shopping with his mother in Soho and suggested we meet at the coffee shop where his sister works. There, he occasionally redirects my questions to her. (“Mary, was I a music nerd?” “No. He was just a nerd.”)

As a reminder, both Doveman and Nico will appear this weekend in Knoxville, TN, where they will perform with Sam Amidon and Nadia Sirota as part of The 802 Tour at the Big Ears Festival. Some other dudes will be in Knoxville, too.

If you care to listen to and/or download tracks from Doveman and Nico, click over to The Conformist and Mothertongue at the Brassland Store, which features free shipping on all orders in the US.

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