November 16, 2009

Doveman Featured on NPR, Continues Tour

As Doveman kicks off the second half of his November tour tomorrow with a solo show in Los Angeles, we thought it fitting to provide you with an update regarding Doveman-related activity on the World Wide Web. Last week, NPR's World Cafe featured "Breathing Out" and "Angel's Share" from his latest album, The Conformist, on their broadcast. Here's what they had to say about the new release:

With the release of 2005's The Acrobat, 2007's With My Left Hand I Raise the Dead and a legally contentious album in which he covers the soundtrack to the '80s movie Footloose, Bartlett established Doveman as a true sleeper. His third album of original material with Doveman, The Conformist, is a testament to his soft-spoken style. This time around, though, he adds flourishes of upbeat synths, drums and catchy choruses.

Upbeat, with drums, and catchy indeed! You can listen to the 7-minute broadcast in the huge box below.

In other news, The Philadelphia Inquirer wrote up a nice review of The Swell Season's gig at the Merriam Theater. The paper didn't forget to show a little brotherly love to Doveman, though:

The two-hour set drew mainly from the Swell Season's two albums, although they made room for songs by Willie Nelson and the Clancy Brothers, as well as one by the opener, Doveman (Thomas Bartlett), who enlivened his own set with a deliberately mournful medley of songs from the Footloose sound track. It's doubtful the piano-driven arrangements, concocted as a birthday present for an old friend, will do for him what Once did for his tour mates. But then, a few years ago, you might not have given the Swell Season strong odds on breaking through themselves.

For those who wish to witness D-man's "mournful medley" pre-breakout, you're in luck (if you live on the West Coast, anyway). Click here for remaining dates and links to venues.

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