August 31, 2005

Clogs: Resting, Traveling, Then Re-Grouping

Clogs have been hibernating. Bassoonist Rachel Elliott spent the summer in rural Vermont. Percussionist Thom Kozumplik has been occupied by projects like Loop 2.4.3 and Uncle Jimmy's Dirty Basement. Guitarist Bryce Dessner has been traveling in Europe with The National. Strings player Padma Newsome has made occasional appearances with the group, but mostly been composing in Australia, save for a spell at the Walton Estate in Ischia, Italy -- the latter thanks to a commissioning award from Harvard University's Fromm Music Foundation.

Clogs will be re-grouping in November for a short tour with Bell Orchestre, the Pitchfork-approved side project of indie rock sensations, The Arcade Fire. Clogs' fourth album, Lantern was originally planned as a fall release, but has since been moved to early 2006. You can preview it by viewing this video for the record's title track created by Parisian artists Vincent Moon and Gaspard Claus. Looky here or here. It's both pretty and pretty large, so please be patient.

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