June 14, 2010

Clogs Receive Mid-Year Love from eMusic and Drowned in Sound

Though we've tweeted it, 140 characters just doesn't quite do this story complete justice. The news? Clogs' The Creatures in the Garden of Lady Walton continues to rack up praise, this time from eMusic and Drowned in Sound.

eMusic's article, The Best Albums of the Year...So Far, places Clogs on an eclectic list that includes Titus Andronicus, Caribou, The New Pornographers, and Owen Pallett (Final Fantasy), among others. What did they have to say about The Creatures? We found a pertinent quotation: "Clogs have developed an accessible style of composition that draws on both Renaissance lute and keyboard music, as well as American minimalism... Newsome (has) created a stunning set of songs, which truly blur the boundaries between rock and a classical song cycle." Nice.

Drowned in Sound gave the album a 9/10 rating in their review. DiS, playing off the garden metaphor, decided that the "album places itself in the thick of the vegetation, but with clever instrumentation, the sounds spark images of stunning green scenes – some safe, some scary, some seemingly from another world. But by the end of the record, Clogs have shown us around their favourite spots, and we are settled in the garden of Lady Walton, happy to let ourselves wander through the locations that these magnificent sounds evoke."

Have Clogs made one of 2010's best records? Could be, sez eMusic and DiS. And the best news is that The Creatures hoopla isn't over - in addition to magnificent sounds, there may be some magnificent images in the near future, so stay tuned for more.

To experience the sounds of Lady Walton, head over to the Brassland Store. In addition to special deals, all US orders receive free shipping, which is a deal in and of itself. Later.

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