December 9, 2014

Brassland takes Éire, The Gloaming snare year-end honors

Brassland has landed in Ireland! No awkward puns or repetitive use of verbs intended! For a thorough round up of what's going on, take a listen to this hourlong podcast prepared by Dublin's National Concert Hall. It also serves as a great capsule history of the label.

Alternatively, if you try to observe the "pod-" in podcasting, you may download part one and part two from Soundcloud (or, if you're a real traditionalist, via iTunes). They were produced by the most-excellent Ben Eshmade in honor of NCH's just-as-excellent Perspectives series which launched this year with our Brassland weekend as its flagship presentation.

*false modesty*

Downloaded those podcasts yet? Well, steel yourselves for 60 megabyte's of MP3 chatter from Bryce Dessner (The National, Clogs), both Buke and Gase(s), Kate Stables (This Is The Kit), Thomas Bartlett (Doveman, The Gloaming), and Alec Hanley Bemis. For another perspective on what we're bringing to Perspectives read this feature from The Irish Times culture section ran about our main draw, a free-flowing songwriter's circle featuring Mr. Bartlett alongside Glen Hansard, Anna Calvi, Lisa O'Neill and Paul Noonan.

Word on the street is that most of these shows are going to sell out. *blush* A little drunk leprechaun whispered this to us in a clipped accent after showing us the way to a pile of gold at the end of a double rainbow. Yes, at this point, we're practically trying to turn people away, starting with offensive news bulletins.

However, as a peacemaking gesture, we've added an invite-only conversation on Saturday between Irish Times critic Tony Clayton-Lea and label co-founder Alec Hanley Bemis, who claims to be "at least 33% Irish" (we're quoting). As well, This Is The Kit and Buke and Gase are touring the countryside in the run-up to the Brassland @ NCH weekend.

- Tues 9: Wexford - The Sky And The Ground
- Weds 10: Cork - Coughlans
- Fri 12: Kilkenny - Cleere's Bar & Theatre
- Sat 13: Dublin - National Concert Hall

- Thurs 11: Belfast - Aether & Echo
- Fri 12: Dingle - St. James Church (Other Voices)
- Sat 13: Dublin - National Concert Hall

Note that the dates include a Buke and Gase visit to Dingle for this year's Other Voices taping. We're overjoyed to announce they'll be included in next year's broadcast, a follow-up of sorts to This Is The Kit's memorable appearance on the 2013 edition.

If that wasn't enough of an Irish overload, The Gloaming continue to build on their previously announced album-of-the-year mentions by Mojo, The Irish Times, Nialler9 and Mashable with their inclusion on NPR Music's list of the year's 50 best records. Says NPR personality Bob Boilen: "There has never been an album quite like this, spare and textured, representing past and future as well as transcending all you may think you know about Irish music."

While we still have blood left for blushing & screenspace left to type upon, may we point you toward the announcement of Perspectives 2015. If we haven't just caused an international incident with our smarmy American humor, we think this is the beginning of a lovely friendship...

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