June 22, 2012

Brassland on the road (mostly in Northeastern North America)

Guess what happened last week? Spring sprung into summer and three of our artists began their journeys on the road. (Not to be confused with On the Road, though that's good too.) Why just last week Doveman and Clogs played exceedingly rare live shows -- Doveman in New York's Bryant Park, and Clogs at Los Angeles's Bootleg Theater. And Jherek Bischoff played a three gigs at London's Village Underground, all of them opening for Amanda Palmer. And they'll all be playing more shows in the near future!

I know what you're thinking: "Thanks a lot Brassland, how about you tell us about these gig before they happen? You pretentious NYC a**holes."

(A rejoinder: First, please don't swear. Second, that's not a bad point, but remember our handy-dandy shows page is always there for your perusal. But perhaps you're too lazy for that? Yes, that's it. So...)

So, us folks at Brassland are happy to call your attention to the activities of these three brilliant musical groups, all of whom will be criss-crossing North America at this very moment, and at moments to come in the near future. Except Doveman, who will only be crisscrossing the island of Manhattan. Which is still pretty cool, and requires less gasoline.


Jherek Bischoff is in the United States for the next two months as part of Ms. Palmer’s traveling “Grand Theft Orchestra” band, and contributing opening sets to all of the shows. Over the course of the next two months, they will hit Brooklyn, San Francisco, Los Angeles and Boston, building buzz for what's sure to be a much bigger tour by Amanda & Jherek this fall. (Hint, hint.) If you didn’t have the luck to catch Jherek’s terrific opening sets over in Europe, it’s time to pounce. Unless you want to wait for additional dates that might just happen this fall. (Hint, hint.)

Meanwhile, Clogs and Doveman have both been kind enough to launch their own summer "tours," bringing happiness to extremely small patches of New York, New England and Northeast Canada. To all of you Halifax-heads who’ve been waiting patiently for Clogs arrival, this is your chance, as the group will hit both New Brunswick and Nova Scotia before heading back down the coast to one-time homes like New Haven and Brooklyn. They're fitting in some Vermont gigs too. If Doveman is what you’re looking for, then New York is where you’ll need to be on July 13th at Le Poisson Rouge in Manhattan.

Think of this as a public service announcement, a reminder that whether you’re boiling in New York City, chillaxing in Halifax, or simply a music-loving Vermonter, Brassland has you covered!

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