June 18, 2007

Brassland Mid-Year Update, the MusicNow Festival, Vincent Moon's Blogotheque

Until now, Brassland has lain dormant in 2007, but our extended family has remained quite active. Alec Hanley Bemis has gotten really into making smoothies for breakfast; we hear Aaron Dessner has already had to mow his lawn twice this summer season. Busy! A particularly hearty congratulations, though, to Brassland partner Bryce Dessner for his very successful MusicNOW Festival which took place in Cincinnati April 5-7. It featured performances by Amiina, Clogs, David Cossin, Irena & Vojtech Havel, My Brightest Diamond, Pedro Soler, and Sufjan Stevens -- as well as collaborations between many of the aforementioned artists. It was a magical weekend, made even more so by the presence of Brassland staff photographer Vincent Moon, who commemorated the occasion by producing a 30-minute document, available online at La Blogotheque as well as right below this sentence. Crazy internet!:

#50 - The Take Away Shows @ MusicNOW Festival
by lablogotheque

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