May 18, 2009

Brassland and Family Tweeting, Twitter on

In an effort to keep up with Fox Sports, we at Brassland started our own Twitter account to provide an outlet for quick Brassland-related updates, random thoughts, and other "tweets." The extended Brassland family hasn't been immune to the Twitter craze, either - Nico Muhly, Erik Friedlander, and Doveman each have their own Twitter pages.

To accommodate all of this Brassland twittering, we've created a stream that updates the latest Brassland and Brassland artist tweets, making it easy to view what the entire Brassland roster is up to. You can read the updated tweets, nicely boxed in an aesthetically-pleasing baby blue, on our homepage as well as (for a slightly more in-depth tweet history) our media page. If you've ever wondered how to best keep up with Erik's thoughts on the latest Star Trek blockbuster, this feature was built with you in mind.

Enjoy the new & improved and take care.

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