November 26, 2018

A gift to you from Brassland

Since 2014, we've made it a semi-annual custom to put out holiday music.* The best place to dig into our catalog of seasonably appropriate tunes is this playlist co-curated by Mx. Justin Vivian Bond, whose Christmas Spells EP we released in 2015. It includes not only holiday selections from the Brassland catalog but hep December-ish songs from Joni Mitchell, LCD Soundsystem, Mariah Carey, Sufjan Stevens, Mary Margaret O'Hara & other talents major and minor. (But mostly major.)

The embed below goes to Spotify but the link leads to versions on YouTube & Apple Music as well if those are your preferred streaming jams. (Also we won't complain if you buy our songs off Bandcamp or other download sites as a gift from you to us & our artists.)

This year, however, you should make special note of our release "Surviving Christmas," a collaboration between Norwegian singer-songwriter Sondre Lerche & American composer/arranger Jherek Bischoff which has just gone live on all services, along with this handy-dandy lyric video — which is both filled with a whimsical number of "la la las" & an important message about acceptance in an era of humanitarian crisis:

Is this too roundabout & multi-media & bleeding edge modern for your tastes? Well, you can always take a leisurely stroll through this here internet website to read more about our individual holiday releases and get links to download them one at a time:

* = We got nothing on our pal Sufjan. May we suggest that you familiarize yourself with his gobsmacking holiday oeuvre if you're not already aware.

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