August 10, 2009

802 Tour Reprised for Wordless Music Series

In August 2008, the 802 Tour - named after Vermont's only area code, curiously enough - made its way up and down the American coasts (with a couple stops in Canada). Featuring Green Mountain State natives Sam Amidon, Doveman, and Nico Muhly, the shows were collaborative efforts with each musician assisting the others in livening up each others' songs in a casual atmosphere; Sam played folk ballads, Doveman whispered his lamp-rock creations, and Nico performed high-brow, classical "pieces." The shows were a success.

If the previous paragraph induced either nostalgia (assuming you attended) or regret (assuming you didn't), there's good news - it's back. On September 9th, the Wordless Music Series will present a 2009 version of the 802 Tour at Columbia University's Miller Theatre. In accordance with Wordless Music's mission to "illustrate the continuity" between classical and popular genres, the shows will follow the same format, feature the same players, and be awesome.

Tickets are now available on the Miller Theatre's website. See you in a month.

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