Bartees Strange ~ "Lemonworld" single

"Lemonworld" single

Released on March 3, 2020

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  1. Lemonworld (The National cover)
  2. HAGS (Strange original)
  3. Far (Strange original — Bandcamp exclusive)


Says Bartees about this recording: "I have a deep connection to this song. I remember repeating these lyrics to myself in Brooklyn, watching all the rich kids do things I couldn't really afford. I remember saying—you and your sister live in a Lemonworld, and I want to sit in and die. Those lyrics were so REAL for me—my proximity to wealth was depressing. The original recording also feels like a trance—the beat stays the same, the vocal melody is the only things that really provides a lift in the tune. Because of the feelings the lyrics give me I wanted to make a song that broke that trance—similar to the way my great feelings and memories of Brooklyn are often interrupted by how hard it was for me to survive there. I love this song. Brooklyn was a grind."