Anais Mitchell ~ "Woyaya" (feat. Kate Stables) single

"Woyaya" (feat. Kate Stables) single

Released on February 8, 2018

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This is the Kit

This is the Kit

This is the Kit


  1. "Woyaya" (featuring Kate Stables) [Osibisa cover]


This song is a three way collaboration between noted songwriters Anais Mitchell (Hadestown), Kate Stables (leader of This Is The Kit) and producer/musician Josh Kaufman (Bob Weir's Blue Mountain — RedHot compilation of Grateful Dead cover songs & interpretations Day of the Dead).

Says Anais: "I learned 'Woyaya' as a folksong growing up in Vermont, but had never actually heard the Osibisa/Garfunkel recordings until we decided to work it up. I love the clear-eyed hopefulness of the words, and how the music itself feels like a walking journey."

Producer Josh Kaufman adds: "I heard the Osibisa version of this song through Kate and was really moved to echo its shape with her and Anais. The song is yearning and full of forward motion. The chords move frequently and gently and the melody has such a natural hook to it. We built in some new arrangement ideas by adding our friends' kids voices to the hopeful outro chant and made it into this multi-generational call and response."

Additional performers on the track include Ray Rizzo on drums, Stuart Bogie on woodwinds & a bunch of friends' kids who contribute a subtle children's chorus.

Its initial release is as an exclusive on the Amazon Music Original playlist entitled “Love Me Not." Uproxx calls it " a rhythmic, bounding anthem that proclaims triumph despite struggle."

More plots with this formidable crew to be determined...