Briars of North America ~ Introducing Briars of N.A.

Introducing Briars of N.A.

Released on March 19, 2020

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  1. Orisis
  2. Jonah
  3. Veins & Arteries
  4. What Makes It So
  5. Sleepy Not Sleepy


This 'playlist' style release features two songs each from the group's old records & one new recording. "Orisis" and "What Makes It So" are from their 2011 debut Orisis; "Jonah" and "Veins & Arteries" are from a 2015 album named after the latter track; "Sleepy Not Sleepy" is from an album to be announced...

It is a pay-what-you-wish release available exclusively on Bandcamp & for the foreseeable future all profits will be donated to support Invisible Hands Deliver. One of the group's members, Gideon, has been been volunteering for the organization. Here is more of what he has to say about the experience:

"When the COVID-19 situation in NYC began to look dire - and the city that we know started to transform into one that felt altogether foreign - I began looking for organizations that were addressing the needs of vulnerable New Yorkers. My friend, and fellow musician and colleague, Elena Moon Park, posted something about a volunteer network called Invisible Hands, and within minutes I was signed up. It was started a few short weeks ago by several twenty-somethings who were either home from college or out of work and wanted to help high-risk populations. Invisible Hands is a network that delivers food, medicine, and essential items to immunocompromised and elderly people, and hundreds of families have been served thus far. To date, there are now several thousand volunteers in NYC and around the country, where the idea has spread to other hard-hit municipalities and communities.

"My personal experience has been sobering and beautiful at the same time.

"The pandemic has shown how fragile our systems are, and how many of them were already failing so many people even before COVID-19. Invisible Hands is one of many stories from around the world showing the compassionate care and concern that humans have the capacity to show one another. I’ve personally delivered to elders living alone in senior housing, to a family in the projects of Far Rockaway, to an artist in Park Slope, and an orthodox Jewish family in south Brooklyn. Everyone is living in a new reality, and we are all realizing how intricately we are connected to one another and truly interdependent. Let this be a lesson for the future of what is possible and what is necessary."