June 29, 2019

New Artists: Hoferlanz, The Perennials, Justin Vivian Bond, Fusilier

And, rather than tooting our own horn about the past, we thought we'd take a moment to point you toward the two new artists that have been popping up on our webpresences over the last few months.

First there was Fusilier whose debut single "The Moment" came out early in the year. His hometown paper Creative Loafing Atlanta called it a "soulful dance party about self-actualization" while Stereogum premiered the video saying "The sexual tension on the track and video is brazenly palpable."


In May we released the follow up "Make You" which was covered by Impose Magazine , Audio Drums & which called it "One of the most creative songs to come out this year. RIYL: Kele, TV on the Radio, Trent Reznor." We're planning to release his debut EP by this autumn.

First there are The Perennials, current proteges of longtime Brassland artist Thomas "Doveman" Bartlett. In May, we debuted their first single "Breadcrumbs" on Brooklyn Vegan , who admired their "delicate, harmony-driven indie rock."


Noonday Tune < > noted "the combination of the dueling vocals, steady build and The National-esque percussion." And yes, there is a somewhat familiar baritone at play here but, like any band that writes great songs The backstory of The Perennials — the young married couple of Pete & Amanda Wells — is a doozy & while you can read our version we think IndieShuffle put it best:

Imagine this: A boy, born in Brooklyn, moves to Florida with his family so his father can attend seminary. He's homeschooled there and is only exposed to music by way of church choirs, Christian radio, Top 40 country songs, and playing the recorder.

A girl, born in Spokane, moves away from the city with her family to a "cabin deep in an evergreen forest" in reaction to a local drive-by shooting. She doesn't grow up playing music.

Boy ends up in San Lorenzo di Arzine, Italy to attend bible school on a farm after his parents move to a city an hour away from there to work for an evangelical church.

Girl, seeking adventure, also ends up in San Lorenzo di Arzine, volunteering in the aforementioned bible school's kitchen.

Boy and girl meet, fall in love, get married before either of them reach the age of 21... and become an awesome folk rock band.