November 9, 2016


It will take us a few days to process the path that America has just chosen. Since we are a record label not a person, we see our role as amplifying the voices of the artists who we work with. It would be accurate to say that most of them are shocked by the result of last night's American presidential election and that many of them are horrified.

If you feel similarly, it is a good time to donate your money & time to causes which support civil liberties. The National have suggested these organizations:
• Planned Parenthood
• Southern Poverty Law Center
• Democracy Now
We're sure there are many other worthy entities who will pursue an agenda of social progress over the coming years — Brassland & our artists included.

We'll leave you with some words which This Is The Kit posted:

"Do not lose hope everyone!
Time to get on it get involved, get pro-active, and to teach our children some apocalypse survival skills!
The revolution is coming but WE have to take responsibility!"

Perhaps take some of those words with a grain of salt. (For example, we're not big on the words revolution nor the likelihood of imminent apocalypse. And we don't think TITK are either, even though they used the latter word in their great song "Silver John.") What we agree with in this sentiment is that in the face of catastrophe, the responsibility is yours to make the best of it and to become the change you believe in. And we believe in humans; humans are strong albeit often shortsighted.

UPDATED 12/29/2016 with the list of charitable organizations.

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